Time ago Aysa told me in make an illustration for the guys, and she would try to give them for their shows in Russia and Kiev (you can read her history here), I did not a lot of illusions because I wanted that Aysa meet the band for her, because she is a great victim and friend, but she gave me until the very last minute to finish this illustration (literally made it in one night lol), and she printed 4 copies to try to give to them. And after a week, Vanessa sent me this photo and I couldn’t believe it! dasdfssa

She (Aysa) told me that Dave really really loved it! “I like that, I look good there” :DD I don’t care if after that, he threw away, just the fact he saw it and he liked it, that he literally saw it for a loooooong time, totally excited for that (according to what Aysa told me) that is enough for me, I can’t ask for more! I’m completely happy and I can’t thanks to enough to Aysa because she completely made my month and it’s was a worst month, and she just made everything so better and the night that I made this was an awful day and now I see Dave Fucking Keuning holding that shit and he enjoyed it, it’s like finally being approved as designer sigh and all thanks to my precious bitch Aysa :’) !!!!!

- here my illustration

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    This is really great, Sofia! I’m actually happy I had the reaction of taking pictures of this moment to send you, going...
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    both of you rules SO HARD. T_________T
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    omg congrats shofi!!
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    Congrats Sofia!!