Las Vegas as Dustland in «Dustland Fairytale» by The Killers

(for my lovely i-wanna-jump-out-of-my-skin)

I bet this is what Brandon thought when he wrote that lyrics.

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So. I've been trying to listen to other bands during TK hiatus and started to really get into this other band and then I'm out shopping and hear The Way It Was and listening to the lyrics and damn that boy Brandon, he make me feel real guilty to listen to other bands. All the feels! Aaarrrggghhhh!

You know… I used to feel exactly like that, I love other bands, for example Sigur Rós is one of my favorite bands (in fact more years than TK) and when I was very into to know everything about The Killers, their music and stuff, you know that phase where you are little obsessed, I tried to listen other bands but suddenly they were on tv or in the radio or they do something, and I was “i’m so sorry omg” bu then I learned that is good this, is good listen other stuff sometimes so when you listen to them again it’s like fall in love over and over again, and if I’m in that moment of listen other things and The Killers come to the tv, I simply say “oh please guys, I didn’t forget about u, don’t be that possessive” hahahahahhahahahaha idk I stopped to think about that and feel guilty :3

waiting until 9pm to breakfast a.k.a yogurt with some weird cereal because that’s all the food I have to stand until lunch which it’s gonna be pasta… alone lol yeaah some days there are less food than other days, but hey at least I have food, and I’m blessed for that :)

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what a whore.

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i want a 30 years old beardy man who would like to spend a weekend watching Captain America or Arrow and allow me to cry and explain him all my conspirators and theories about these people sigh

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I dreamt you were smiling, shifting for good | All the pretty smiles

dedicated to sealbrandon <3

bitch sealbrandon remember when I made this for you? <3 I remember why I made it, bad times :)

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im bored surfing on the web looking for something new

im so bored right now sigh

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The Killers MTV World Stage, Amsterdam

→ Spaceman

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You know those screenshots of brandon at jay Leno in 2009 singing spaceman?? Can you post the 3rd pic as a close up because his eyes look pretty :b

Hey! well is not the same screenshot ‘cause I had to take it again but heey here is this one looking right to the cam ;D

The younger Joey (the one who stabs the other gang leader) is played by Austen Dean Jesse if that could help? :)

Is always good to know the name of any actor/model who worked in their videos :DD thanks!!

I was wondering if you knew the name of the actress that plays the young girl in Dustland Fairytale?

I personally don’t know, I tried to find some name on google but I found nothing :/ idk there is anyone who know the name of the girl?

Alone in house?



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keep giffing it! That show is awesome!

Oh that’s the plan, sweet ;D