Hello, I'm Shofivictim from Chile,
graphic designer, a mess sick person.
I like to talk about The Killers,
I like to help the victims about The Killers
and that is the major theme here.

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random fact about me, Tobias Sammet was my musician crush when I was young and dumb lol

I changed for good because I found my soulmate-crush in Brandon Flowers. He was mean to be and I hated him for that lol

Anonymous said:
which ones are those ? the metal bands i mean. im curious :)

Right now Helloween, these guys will be always my favorites from my old me lol before Stratovarious. I’ll probably end listening Rhapsody or Edguy or Avantasia or Mägo de Oz or Nightwish or Sonata Arctica, all depend what pop up in youtube lol but for sure before to go to sleep I’ll listening the old Within Temptation, always do that :p

5:30am listening those metal bands that i used to listen when i was 14 years old lol

Chile, 2011.

Tim Burton + The Bolt

The Killers at Leeds Cockpit, 2004 @ Photography by David Ward

The Killers at Leeds Cockpit, 2004 @ Photography by David Ward

what you should know about the killers

  • mark: he's at the fucking airport
  • robbie: it's ronnie
  • brandon: neon peach diva
  • dave: he loves everything
  • Photography by Alan Clarke [hq]