Only The Young by Sophie Muller, 2010

SONG: The Killers
ARTIST: 2006 / 2013 tour intro
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Sam’s Town | Day & Age | Battle Born

Just wanted do a thing, I’m not the most expert person in mix audio, just saying.

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I call my niece as ronnie vannucci jr. junior because she is all the day pretending everything is a drums lol

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Is already friday night? this was a long week.

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So my birthday is in 3 weeks, here is the list of presents

  1. my
  2. own
  3. damn
  4. house

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I always get so mad with art expositions with food, like I, as person who love art, I understand all your point, all your concepts, and is great, but I, as human, I hate see all these food being used in that way and eventually will end in the trash just to prove a concept while with my sister we have to find 100 different ways to cook the same thing because we can’t buy fruits, more healthy food, even fast food is expensive, and all of you, is using 100 eggs to broke one and add a concept in that… like do you know I would have 100 days to eat something? 

oh god, art with food make me so mad sometimes omg

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I was going to make gifs+pics, but there were so many moments they wouldn’t fit

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I got to go the “ping pong” room last year and there was a stash of Cokes. 

I took one. 

Only Victims will understand why this is important.

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My last set of photos from The Killers’ Hiatus Tour ‘14. All 3 gigs that I’ve been to last week were amazing!

Thanks so much to all my (new) followers for liking and sharing my pics!

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