Hello, I'm Shofivictim from Chile,
graphic designer, a mess sick person.
I like to talk about The Killers,
I like to help the victims about The Killers
and that is the major theme here.

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Made these “Killer” pumpkins at a carving party last night. The lighting bolt is not the best, but I love them just the same :) Happy Halloween, fellow victims!

i wish i celebrate Halloween just for these things :c

Photography by Williams + Hirakawa

Ok people! is time to vote, there is any excuse to not do it, right now everything is quite in the fandom so make noise and invite everyone to vote. Share it on twitter, facebook, instagram, any other site!!! and vote until your fingers hurt or until u are hungry like me lol


He is a little genius. He’s a deep soul and a spirit man. I think we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg." - Daniel Lanois about Brandon Flowers, 2010

Anonymous said:
Can you make a post so people can vote for the killers ema performance. I think we can really catch up to the other nominees. We've got a lot of votes so far! :)

I really thought that thing was over to be honest omg I voted a couple times weeks ago lol well for sure I’ll post some photo or something tomorrow to remind people but right now everyone can go to here and vote as hell and don’t make the same mistake as me who thought the poll was over gueezz


i want to sleep but i want to watch pacific rim

what a problem.

Her kisses always make my day better! <3


my anaconda don’t
my anaconda don’t
my anaconda don’t want none unless you’re brandon flowers


THIS. Thanks to the sweetest neonlisa for always letting me know! xx (ALL the hairs)

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During our day trip to Las Vegas today, we had the craziest luck and actually met #brandonflowers 😱 my husband has loved #thekillers for years and years, this was unbelievable to finally meet him! Just another amazing day on our magical, memorable honeymoon! 

i do not understand those countries where their week start with sunday in the calendar like ????¿¿¿¿ the first day of the week is monday, why u are adding sunday as first?

I sing like shit, I’m gonna still singing, it’s make me happy, no one will ever shut up my happiness, and I’ll still singing as shit :)


The Killers Brandon Flowers during Day & Age.

Do you feel like you’ve changed a lot as people? “The world is definitely a smaller place for us now, and we’ve done things that we never would have done without music. Gone places that we never would have gone. We’ve seen so many things. Obviously we have had breaks along the way, but it has been such a continuous thing that when you don’t stop it feels like times goes a little faster.” (Brandon Flowers)

The Hollywood Reporter (October 15, 2014)