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when u find great songs about love but u are not in love lol

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It’s officially 11 years to the day since the Killers play their first London show!

For those of you who don’t know- they are my absolute favorite band in the whole world (everyone in my grad program is laughing because they know).  And because having a weeks worth of their band shirts isn’t enough for me- I made pins to show my pride. Backgrounds inspired by their studio albums (I love you, Sawdust, Live at the Royal Albert Hall, and Direct Hits, don’t get me wrong.)

If you’d like your own set you can get them over on etsy <3

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My favorite thing about the killers is everything

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i guess this post caused some magic, because day later

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Brandon Flowers ‏

My Posse’s Still On Broadway

Thank youuu Aysa sealbrandon for send me this on fb, I needed something for this bored hiatus omg [x]

Brandon and his producer. I bet he is writing to Ronnie lol

im scared of every september 17.

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The Bolt (Ottawa Bluesfest, my pic)

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Brandon releases Flamingo 2. There isn’t one show in South America or anywhere nearby the area. Flamingo 2 tour is over.

Well helloooo The Killers’ new album.

Every single fan from South America:


Same goes for Big Talk.


The Killers’ Official Community themes.