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hahaha he is pretty confident with himself :D I didn't notice it too, until this year and every single time I watch a video in utube when they are on stage I think damn why doesn't he use headphones . probably looking a bit weird with that sorry

Naah don’t be sorry :D maybe is for something technical… to be honest this is out of my area, and I prefer stay as ignorant and admit it than talk and looks like ignorant hahahahahaha

Do you have gifs that show how great killers shows are?

Shame on me, someone request me a gifset like this time ago and I never did it u.u I’ve seen that Sofy made some gifs like that (about specific shows) but I guess her tag is kinda what you are looking, check this :D but I personally never made a gifset like that, only specific shows as RAH and other performance but none that make a compilation of all their shows u.u

send me hate if u want but those tokio hotel fans are using illegal tricks and you need be really blind to not see that “63%” has not changed in days and is really frustrating.


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why doesn't brandon use headphones on stage ? I've never never seen him do so , as every single normal singer :D this keeps me wake at nights need an answer :P

You know… I never noticed or thought about that until now omg well usually singers use that thing to can hear themselves and the rest of the band/team because the audio for the audience is something different, I guess Brandon doesn’t need it because the audio of the instruments is the same as the audio that the audience listen and he trust on his voice… idk this is the only thing that came to my head as explanation ahahahaha :D



-locks self in room with do not disturb sign-

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Hola Sofi como estás? Qué haces en un día típico? Porque yo me aburro fatal en mi ciudad no hay ni mall, amigas no tengo para salir jaja :( para distraerme me voy a caminar escuchando the killers :) como pasas tu tus vacaciones cn frío jaja

Hola! en un día tipico de vacaciones de invierno lo más probable es que lo ocupe para ponerme al día con series, o hacer maraton de peliculas, quizas hasta haga algo rico con mi hermana o quizas sencillamente duerma, en una de esas salga a carretear porque en vacaciones es cuando veo a mis dos amigas. No se, no me he puesto a pensar que es lo que hago realmente jajajajajaja :3

is there any studio version of All The Pretty Faces with "I don't feel like fucking you no more" thx before

No, sadly no unless they recorded as demo and was never released, which I doubt, I think it’s was an impulsive drunk moment of Brandon in change the lyrics in the show hahahah :)

Can you reblog some posts of the killers/brandon that have gotten A LOOOOT of notes??

Well this is kinda of hard, if I see any of these posts again on my dash I’ll reblog it but honestly it’s would take a lot of days in check everyone posts and I’m not going to use my time in that, sorry u.u

Gracias Sofía x las fotos la 1 si la había visto la segunda creo q alguna vez pero onda no se se veía rato en esa foto no sabía si era real jajajaja onda igual se ve mino me tinca que ahora debe estar más tonificado jajjaja como tu dijiste que lo tocaste y estaba durito jajaja idola


^ esto lo explica todo.

do you have that video of brandon going "i can't. bye."? :D :D

I’m sorry, I don’t remember anything like that o_o anyone who can help, please?