I was just wondering because in the picture that Amy posted yesterday it looked like he was wearing a saint metal :o

He use a lot necklace, but just because has a saint don’t precisely mean he is a believer ^-^ I for example have some of these things, but I don’t really believe it, I have it because someone who mean something for me gave it to me :)

(graphics anon again :)) and btw, Hedi Slimane is in charge in YSL, and I guess that's why Brandon chooses this brand :)

I think Heidi should give us some shoots with Brandon in those jackets, specially the pink one because is in the top 5 of my favorite jackets omg

hi :) it's me, the anon who asked you about graphic. by saying sth I mean just something... I want to put specific layer on one photo (I guess it can be done that way, but I can be wrong) but as I said photoshop is not my cup of tea... if I send you a private message with this pictures would it be okay if you help me? ofc, if it's too much work and you don't have time - I totally get it :)

Send the photo! I might not do that fast because my sister changed the day and I have to care my niece today, but I’ll do it :) hope I get it what do you want anyway haahaha

how did u approach mark?? Like what did you say?


Oh man I didn’t know what to say!! I couldn’t believe my eyes so I really quietly shouted “mark?” from the top of the aisle and then asked him “are you mark?” I didn’t know what to do at all hahah!



this is a strange question, but do the people know Mark's religion?

I personally doesn’t know, for me he seems to be agnostic but I could be completely wrong :o


I did a thing

love it

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maybe today is the last show for a long time but hey in 4 months we will get our annual Christmas song :D

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★~(◡ω◕✿) Brandon Flowers’ new jackets [x] [x]

Awww que lindo mi poema, me suena a que me estoy encaminando hacia algo nuevo y me estan aconsejando para bien :D Gracias querida Shofi! <33333

A mi me sono más como alguien te esta escondiendo un secreto y no tienes ni idea de eso jajajajajajaja u are very welcomee <333

Today we were talking about overpopulation of dead people in the local cemetery, there is no space anymore, and I told to my sisters “when I die I want to be cremated because I want be sure that I’m dead" and I don’t remember what my sister said when I spontaneously replied "you will throw my ashes in a The Killers’ concert" and then we all laughed for like 10 minutes lol

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Felicity gifs are indeed amazing! Male victim here too!

Felicity are indeed damn freaking amazing (can be october now? I NEED ARROW NAAAW)

I'm a male victim too! I really thought I was the only one.. haha

Naaahh I bet there is much more than you think, probably in almost same numbers than female victims :DD

Yo tambien quiero mi poema killero :3 Hi hermosa Shofi :D :D :D

Esperemos que te toque un buen poema :D

Makin’ a trip that he can’t do alone

I’m coming out of my cage

Nobody ever had a dream round here,

A little birdie whispered in my ear

Shakin’ like the Devil when she lets me go