so we know that at least one of his songs has trumpets

it’s gonna sound like Joy Ride? like Bones?

why he don’t release a teaser omgf

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Brandon’s still in Cali! <3

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Oct. 1st 12:00 am


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Brandon Flowers of The Killers @ George Fest - more photos at: Michelle Shiers Photography

i love pizza with passion but i’ve noticed the latest times i ate pizza, i only ate like three pieces and i think that is sad i maybe losing interest in food omg

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Brandon Flowers & Weird Al at George Fest @ photography by John Hardin 


when the teacher asks the class to work in pairs


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Brandon Flowers of The Killers at George Fest 9/28/14

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What is a bambi blog.
What is soft grunge.
What is soft ghetto.
What is pastel grunge soft ghetto bambi.

brandon flowers

Is the answer to everything Brandon Flowers?

Brandon Flowers.

Do u have any photo of ronnie's wife ?

i already answered this :)

and let me add this cutie from behind scenes of Human

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"'… so we started yelling at each other, and he told me to go buy some eyeliner and flipped me off, and I blew him a kiss, and that was it."

- Brandon Flowers, SPIN (during “Hot Fuss” era)

i will never love someone like i love brandiva

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Hi, I just want to know the song carry me home it Were the stars in my eyes shimmering lights or lies..?

Hey! it’s say “The stars in my eyes were shimmering lies”, copied right from the booklet :)

Brandon Flowers ”Got My Mind Set On You"  (George Harrison cover)

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when hot boys do that thing with their pants 


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