Hello, I'm Shofivictim from Chile,
graphic designer, a mess sick person.
I like to talk about The Killers,
I like to help the victims about The Killers
and that is the major theme here.

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it’s been months, I must not relapse


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#tbt all the way to the 7th grade, when I met @thekillers on Fremont!! Haha. Such an awesome day/memory! We fan girled so hard (hence my super squinty face from smiling so bug). #est2006 #babyface #thekillers #ermagerd #love (at Fremont Street)

lucky girl!!

that is hot fuss bodies with sam’s town facial hair #helpme

that smell of burn death animal from the kitchen because he think he cook good when is all burn food and soya puaaaaaj spend a lot of money in an expensive piece of meat yet they don’t go to the E.R when my niece is sick because is too much money


Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers cause ur super cool yay :)

u are a cute lemon pie :)

- i have the strength to do a whole marathon of looooooong tv shows or movies lol

- i have a beautiful eyes

- i think im kinda of good raising kids lol and i like that

- i like being a victim tehehehehehehhehe

- i make delicious tacos lol





Anonymous said:
Do you possibly know please where to find a link to the official coverage of TK at V Fest this year? It's cool if you don't, I sure as shit haven't found one! Thanks regardless :)

I’m in the same boat as you anon, I’ve tried to find that shit everywhere, but not luck :/ I guess when this show is broadcast in the normal version of MTV, maybe maybe someone might record it

Anonymous said:
Hi, you know the pic of brandon in hot fuss era he was wearing white shirt , black tie and vest ,the background of that pic is blue ,could you please make it black pleasssssssss

Hey! are you talking about this one? sorry is the first one that came to my mind (I don’t have my external drive around right now, until more later lol)

Anonymous said:
At the rate we're going we can definitely pass Madonna and then we can pass amy winehouse on votes if we dedicate ourselves to voting a lot. Let's do this for our boys :)

We must try! even if the panorama is kinda quiet and lonely because this fandom is completely sleep at least here in tumblr D:

Anonymous said:
The killers are also nominated for greatest ema moment. They're in 6th place right now. let's catch up to Madonna!