❝ Psst. There is a mini keyboard, which is great to develop on song ideas for a few hits. It is only as big as a DIN-A-side, but super powerful and tough. A bit like Brandon. ❞

— Ronnie Vannucci, on the Christmas present he got for Brandon Flowers in 2013 (via cunningcynicalcorvid)

Once you get this you must post 5 weird facts about yourself and send this to your 10 favorite followers xx

im a weird person but idk if i can write this hahahaha

- sometimes im so bored, so if i have my sister in front of me, i start to talk her with my boobies lol

- i prefer do the long way instead the easy and fast way of something that is incredible easy lol

- i sing a lot in random moments in a very very very bad english and i don’t stop until my sister laughs

- i invent my own songs and i don’t stop until my sister laugs

a plus: i can make many jokes of one joke during the whole day

lolol im lovely

The killers cover of ultraviolet is beautiful! Where is it from though? And also hotel California. How were they released?

Hi! the story behind this cover Ultraviolet (Light my way) is that Q magazine decided to do a U2 tribute album to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the band, so they release a free cd with many covers (include this cover by TK) in a special magazine issue in 2011 :)

And Hotel California, is another cover that was release in an album by Rhythms Del Mundo, basically was contribution to raise awareness and funds for the APE charity who support victims of many things around the world. Another great fact is that (and I quote) “The song will be heavily promoted in the run up to COP15 – the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, December 7-18, where it will be the soundtrack to the conference. The Killers are tipped to perform at the Conference.”. This cd was release in 2009 and you can buy a copy in amazon or itunes :D

Do you have that gif of brandon flowers naked with a bouquet of roses spinning from his crotch? lol

I’m afraid to say I have both version of that gif omg HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA but i’m not going to post the no censored gif omgggg

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im so nervous nervous nervous NERVOUS in a good way but im sure ill be dumb

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The Killers | Ultra Violet (Light My Way) U2 Cover (x)

Thanks beautiful human alive who bring this to my dash because this is one of the best cover in the cover life.

Some really old stuff that I made and then re-made adding some important The Killers’ lyrics. I miss create new scenarios that you are not going to find ever.

❝ Give me that right foot, Vannucci! This is my favorite one tonight, this is my favorite… ❞

— Brandon Flowers (About ‘Read My Mind’ - March Madness, April 05, 2014)


…and that’s how the story began.
I just needed it on my dash. 


…and that’s how the story began.

I just needed it on my dash. 


almost 4 years running this blog and I still without do a the killers giveaway because I’m poor as hell, but one day, one day i’ll be rich enough to giveaway stuff and tickets concert



I think my problem is not that I give more than I receive, I think my problem is that I’m scared that I’ll receive the same or more for what I give.

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